Swim Spa Floating Thermal Blanket- Foam

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Swim Spa Floating Thermal Blanket Foam 

Designed to float on the water's surface, the floating thermal blanket is lightweight and durable. It protects and extends the life of your swim spa insulating cover while significantly reducing heat loss and chemical evaporation and consumption. Blue in colour and made of thick closed-cell foam, these blankets are easily cut to size and are much more resistant to "bunching up" than bubble blankets.

THERMA-FOAM Swim Spa Covers protect your hard spa cover from corrosion, reduce overall heat loss, and prevent spa chemical evaporation. These lightweight and durable floating Swim Spa covers rest directly on the water under your Swim Spa's hard cover, protecting it from the gas created when spa chemicals burn and evaporate, while their moisture-resistant design reduces heat evaporation. This seamless floating thermal blanket can be easily trimmed to fit any spa, hot tub or All Season Pool and are a perfect solution to saving energy and money while preserving the life of your hard cover. widget logo

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