How long does shipping take?

Once your cover is built, it is shipped directly from the factory to you. Shipping normally takes about 3 – 7 business days (time varies by location). See Shipping & Returns for more information.


How do we measure a hot tub cover corner radius?

If you want a perfect fitting hot tub cover then you have to have perfect measurements. When measuring for your replacement hot tub cover we always suggest that you measure the existing hot tub. The hot tub measurements will not lie, but your existing cover can. It maybe the wrong size in the first place, customers are not sure of the model and older worn covers sag in the middle adding inches. The most asked question is how do I measure a hot tub corner radius? We suggest that you watch our YouTube Video on measuring a hot tub cover or follow our measuring guide. You can also call one of our customer service assistants and they can walk you through the process 1-888-356-4202


I don't see an area to specify strap location?

We don't have a specific area to make down your strap location. We have found through 1000's of orders that only a small percentage of customers require exact location. Therefore we put them in a generic location because suppliers also do not alway put them in same location. If you require specific location we can do this for you. In the special instruction box on the order page please give us the measurement of the straps from centre of the hot tub and the length of the straps from the bottom of your existing skirt including the clip.


How often should I clean my hot tub cover ?

Cleaning your hot tub cover is a good idea as it does depend on the amount of use and location of the hot tub. We recommend that you clean your hot tub cover once a month.

The vinyl can dry out and show signs of cracking, wear and tear. Treating with a cleaner and UV protection with help extend the life of your hot tub cover. You can also clean your cover with a mild soap solution and not a detergent. We suggest using Northern Hot Tub Cover Cleaner to extend the life of your spa cover.


How long should my hot tub cover last?

Generally speaking, proper and routine maintenance for you cover can make the difference of your hot tub cover lasting 5-7 years instead of 3-4 years. There are many factors that determine the life span of your hot tub cover. It can depend on sunlight exposure, care, weather conditions and water chemistry of the hot tub. If you have upgraded to a EzShield Package and use a cover lifter then this also helps extend the life of a hot tub cover.


Does Maintaining good water chemistry help my hot tub cover last longer?

It is very important to maintain your hot tub water chemistry. Vapours from the water will be less harmful if you water is balanced and you follow a few easy rules. Always remove the cover after treating your hot tub with chemicals especially a spa shock. This allows the corrosive vapours to off gas. Putting the cover back on right after chemically treating your hot tub will accelerate the deterioration of the underside liner of your hot tub cover and start to breakdown the vapour loc that seals up the foam inserts. This is why it is good to get 8 mil poly.

A thermal blanket can also reduce chemcial vapours, reduce evaporation and help keep heat in. Thermal blankets normally pay for themselves very quickly. These come in bubble blankets or foam.


Is there any heat loss with a Hot Tub Cover?

The magic question. Yes you will still lose some heat through a hot tub cover. If a supplier tells you that their covers do not lose any heat, our suggestion would be to look elsewhere. All hot tub covers lose a little bit of heat the same way that your house isn't 100% heat proof. The goal is to produce a good quality hot tub cover that reduces the amount of heat and evaporation. Hot water steam will eventually find its way out. The best way to reduce this is buy a good quality mid range foam thickness hot tub cover with 8 mil poly and full insulated hinge seal while making sure it has been measured correctly with a perfect fit. A little larger is fine as long as it is sealing on the acrylic shell.


Is Pro-Tex Atlantis Fabric better than Marine Grade Vinyl?

Pro-Tex Atlantis is 25% lighter in weight and 3X stronger than marine grade vinyl. If offers a modern aesthic look and does not fade or crack like vinyl. Pro-Tex Atlantis fabric allows greater water resistance and reduces shrinkage that will naturally occur overtime with vinyl. Being a lighter fabic than vinyl it sometimes has a tendancy to show the poly wrap bunching up. While this is strictly cosmetic, it will not affect the performance of the cover. It is easly reticfied by unzipping the skin, removing the insert and re positioning the poly wrap. If you are not sure know to perform this please email us for instructions. widget logo

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