MegaChlor DO ( Drape Over ) Swim Spa and Small Pool Saltwater System

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MegaChlor DO (Drape Over) CD Swim Spa and Small Pool Saltwater System

The MegaChlor DO is a chlorine generator designed for swim spas and small swimming pools holding up to 17,000 gallons (75,000 litres) of water. It is intended for use on swim spas and small pools that are 10 feet from a weather protected 110 outlet. The drape over design allows the cell to hang over the side of the pool or spa, making for a quick and easy installation. MegaChlor is a semi-automated saltwater chlorine generation system that comes with the Chlorine detection electrode and is capable of producing up to 100 grams of chlorine per day.

Product Features:

  • Push Button Control Panel
  • 10 Chlorine General Levels
  • Plug n Play Installation
  • Salt level Indicator
  • Cable Clips, 15' Power Supply Cord. 10' Cell Supply Cord
  • Low 12VDC Power, 110v Power Supply
  • 10 Salt & Chlorine Strips

Product Download

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