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24th Sep 2019

Why Replace A Hydropool Hot Tub Cover?

Nothing lasts forever, including hot tub covers. Eventually, the various components that make up the cover will degrade; allowing more and more heat to escape the hot tub and increasing your heating costs. Eventually these increased heating costs outweigh the cost of replacing the cover and it only makes sense to replace the cover.

Hydropool hot tub covers generally last around 4-5 years before they need to be replaced, although that can change depending on a variety of factors. For more info, check out these cover replacement tips.

Do You Need To Buy A Replacement Cover Directly From Hydropool?

While Hydropool does sell replacement covers for their hot tubs, you can often get a better deal on an equal or greater replacement cover by buying from other manufacturers. At Northern Hot Tub Covers, we have templates for all makes and models of Hydropool hot tubs to ensure that your replacement cover will fit just as good as the one that came from the factory.

How To Measure For A Replacement Cover For A Hydropool Hot Tub

Measuring for a replacement Hydropool hot tub cover is the same as any other hot tub. First, measure the length and width of your existing cover. After writing down those measurements, you'll need to measure the radius of the rounded corner of the cover.

To easily measure the corner radius of a Hydropool hot tub cover you will need a carpenter's square. Simply place the square on the corner of your existing cover. The radius is the measurement from the inside corner of the carpenter's square to the point where the square first comes in contact with the hot tub cover. For most Hydropool hot tubs, the corner radius should be 6".

Lastly, you will need to measure the "skirt length" of the cover. This is a measurement of the flap of fabric that hangs from the bottom of the cover. Simply measure from the bottom of the cover to the bottom of the fabric. Hydropool hot tub covers will generally have a skirt length between 2.5"-5".

Once you have these measurements, simply pick a colour and you're ready to order you replacement cover!

How To Improve The Energy Efficiency Hydropool Hot Tub Cover

There are several ways that you can improve the energy efficiency and lifespan of your new hot tub cover. These include:

  • Getting A Thicker Cover. The thicker the foam insulation, the better it will insulate. A standard Hydropool hot tub cover is 4"-3" thick. Our Northern hot tub covers can be upgraded to up to 6"-4" thick.
  • Including An Insulated Hinge Seal In Your Order. An insulating hinge seal is a piece of insulating foam that fills the area between the two sides of a hot tub cover when the cover is closed. Without a hinge seal, your new hot tub cover will have a 1″ gap that is not insulated when the cover is closed, leading to a huge energy loss. These are standard on hot tubs from the Hydropool factory but are extra on replacement covers. Our Northern Hinge can be added to any one of our replacement hot tub covers for only $25, an investment that will easily save you hundreds of dollars over the life of the cover!
  • Getting A Thicker Vapour Barrier. Vapour barrier is responsible for preventing water from absorbing into the insulating foam of the cover. Wet foam is a very pool insulator so keeping it dry is critical to the effectiveness of the cover. The thicker the vapour barrier is, the better it will keep the foam dry and the longer the cover will also before it needs to be replaced. Hydropool hot tubs come standard with a 2 mil vapour barrier. Our Northern hot tubs covers come standard with 3 mil vapour barrier that can be upgraded to 6 mil or 12 mil.
  • Add The Ez Shield Package. Want the longest-lasting, most energy-efficient cover you can get? Add our Ez Shield package. This package includes an insulated hinge seal, 6 mil vapour barrier upgrade, a chemical resistant liner and extended warranty for only $64.99! 

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