How To Increase The Energy Efficiency Of Your Hot Tub Cover

14th Mar 2019

One of the best ways to increase the energy efficiency of a hot tub is by replacing the hot tub cover. Not every hot tub cover is created equal however. Often times small differences can lead to big energy savings over the life of the cover. Today, we will discuss a few ways that you can ensure that your hot tub cover is as energy efficient as possible.

Foam Thickness

One of the most obvious ways to increase the energy efficiency of a hot tub cover is by simply increasing the thickness of the foam insulation. The thicker the foam is, the more of a barrier it provides between the hot air in the hot tub and the cold outside air.

Since hot tub covers are tapered to allow water to run off of them, the thickness of the foam is typically given as something like 4" to 3". This means that the hot tub cover is 4" thick in the centre and 3" thick on the outer edge.

We recommend a minimum foam thickness of 3" to 2" if your hot tub is only used in the warmer months and 4" to 3" for any hot tub cover that will be used in the winter.

Foam Density

The "foam density" of a hot tub cover refers to the size of air pockets that are present in the foam insulation. Covers with a low foam density have larger pockets that don't retain heat as easily as higher foam density covers, which have smaller air pockets that retain heat much more effectively.

Most hot tub covers are made with the minimum 1lb foam density. While this is fine for hot tubs in warmer climates, we find that higher foam densities are required for hot tubs in Canada and the northern United States. That's why all of our hot tub covers come standard with 1.5lb foam density insulation.

Northern Hinge Seal

There is no better way to increase the energy efficiency of a hot tub cover than to add an insulated hinge seal (also known as a "Northern Hinge Seal"). An insulating hinge seal is a piece of insulating foam that fills the area between the two sides of a hot tub cover. Without a northern hinge, your new hot tub cover will have a 1″ gap that is not insulated when the cover is closed, leading to a huge energy loss.

Northern hinges can be added to any one of our replacement hot tub covers for only $25, an investment that will save you hundreds of dollars over the life of the cover!

Liner Upgrade

Another cheap way to increase the energy efficiency of your hot tub cover is by upgrading the underside liner of the hot tub. This is the part of the hot tub that is directly over the water in the hot tub.

Upgrading to our chemical resistant liner not only helps to reduce the amount of steam that penetrates the foam insulation, it's highly reflective metallic finish bounces radiant heat back into the spa water.

Other Hot Tub Cover Energy Saving Tips

If you're looking to increase your hot tub's energy efficiency without buying a new hot tub cover you still have a few options. These include:

  • Locking your cover. All hot tub covers come with straps to lock the cover to the cabinet of the hot tub. Not only do these straps keep unwanted people out of the hot tub, they also help the cover form a seal with the top lip of the hot tub. This seal greatly reduces the amount of heat that escapes around the edge of the cover, greatly increasing the energy efficiency of the hot tub cover. 
  • Getting a floating insulation blanket. These insulating blankets float on the surface of the hot tub water, adding another layer of insulation and reducing the amount of chemical lost through evaporation. widget logo

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