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20th Feb 2019

Hot Tub Cover Repair

No matter how well you treat your hot tub cover, there will eventually come a time when it starts to break down. Today, we will discuss some common hot tub cover repairs that you can perform yourself, and let you know when you simply need to replace it.

How To Fix Small Rips / Tears In Hot Tub Covers

There are many things that can rip the outer vinyl layer of hot tub covers, including:

  • Pets
  • Falling tree limbs / icicles
  • Shovels (from trying to remove snow piled on the cover)

No matter what caused the tear, it is important that you fix your hot tub cover quickly. The longer you leave a rip in a hot tub cover, the more damage is done. To understand why, lets first discuss how hot tub covers work.

Hot tub covers work using large pieces of foam insulation. This insulation traps heat from the hot tub in the small airspaces within the foam. Without anything to protect it though, foam insulation will also quickly begin to fill with water; greatly reducing its insulating ability. To combat this, hot tub cover manufacturers seal their foam in a plastic vapour barrier to keep water out.

When a hot tub cover rips, the vapour barrier around the foam almost always rips as well. Once that happens, the foam inside the cover will begin taking on water; getting heavier and less energy efficient every day.

As soon as you notice a rip in your cover, check the vapour barrier underneath. If it is ripped as well tape it up to prevent water getting into the foam. You can then purchase a vinyl repair kit to repair the tear in the cover. We don't recommend using tape to fix hot tub covers as they usually have a hard time properly sticking to the cover and don't weather well outdoors, especially in the winter.

How To Fix Waterlogged Hot Tub Covers

Not only is water a much poorer insulator than air, it is also much heavier! If your hot tub cover begins to feel heavier and heavier, chances are there is water getting into the foam.

To fix a waterlogged hot tub cover you need to dry out the foam. Take the foam out of the cover by finding the zippers in the centre fold of the cover, unzipping them and pulling the foam out. Once the foam is out, remove it from the vapour barrier and let it dry.

Let the foam fully dry out on a hot, sunny day. Once the foam is fully dry, put it back in the vapour barrier. Seal the vapour barrier with tape and check for holes or rips; sealing up any that you see. If the vapour barrier is badly deteriorated you'll likely want to start thinking about a new cover as the foam will just start to take on water again.

How To Fix Broken Clips

One of the most important components of any hot tub cover is the cover lock clips. They are also one the least used and most commonly broken components on old hot tub covers.

Not only do the locking clips keep unwanted people out of your hot tub, they also help to increase the energy efficiency of the cover by pulling down on the edges of the cover; creating a tighter seal that keeps more heat in the hot tub.

Fortunately, hot tub cover clips are fairly universal between the various cover manufacturers and replacement cover clips can be easily purchased. If you can't find clips that fit your cover, you can also buy hurricane straps that go over top of the cover and will fit any hot tub.

What Can't Be Fixed

Unfortunately, there are just some things that can't be fixed. These are:

Cupped Hot Tub Covers

When hot tubs are exposed to heavy weights for a long period of time (typically heavy snow loads sitting on them) they will begin to "cup". A cupped hot tub cover is one where the centre of the cover begins to dip and the edges raise.

When the edges of a hot tub cover raise, the seal around the edge of the hot tub is broken. This allows heat to escape around the edge of the hot tub; increasing your energy bills.

If your hot tub cover has water pooling on it, it had begun to cup and should be replaced as soon as you can; especially if the cold weather is on its way.

If your hot tub cover has water pooling on it, it had begun to cup and should be replaced as soon as you can; especially if the cold weather is on its way.

Note: Some people recommend fixing cupped hot tub covers by simply taking the foam out and flipping it. While this will stop water from pooling on the cover, the edge of the cover will still not form a proper seal on the hot tub, costing you big money on your energy bills.

Large Rips / Tears In The Cover

If a rip forms in the vinyl that is too big to be patched, there is no other option than to replace the cover widget logo

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