Spa Booster Seat

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Spa Booster Seat

Designed for comfort, this booster seat is made of durable, chemical-resistant material. The increased seat height elevates you closer to the spa jets or it may be used as back support. Firmness and size can be adjusted by the amount of water used to fill it. Easily filled with a standard garden hose. Held down by suction cups.


  • Dimensions: 14.8" (L) X 3.8" (H) X 14.2" (W)
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A hot tub booster seat is a seat that is designed to be placed in a hot tub or spa to provide a higher seating position and extra support. These seats are typically made of a soft, waterproof material and are designed to be used in conjunction with the built-in seats of the hot tub. Some booster seats have backrests and armrests for added comfort and support, while others are simply a raised platform with a non-slip surface. Hot tub booster seats are a great option for people who have difficulty sitting low in the hot tub or who want to sit at a higher level to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the hot tub jets.

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