We answer many phone calls asking a variety of questions so we thought that it would be best to list the 5 TOP ASKED QUESTIONS 

1.How long does it take to receive my cover ?

When ordering a hot tub cover from Northern Hot Tub Covers you are truly ordering a custom cover compared to what you get from other online sites or what you got when you purchased the hot tub from the factory

Normally delivery times are seasonal dependent but 4 weeks would be the norm. The busiest order times of the year are usually Sept-Nov as most people wait until the weather starts to turn before ordering their new covers. During these times we can sometimes run up to 5 weeks. Slower times of the year usually Jan-Mar we can have the cover out in 3 weeks.

2. How does Quick Ship work ?

The factory allows us to order covers with a Quick Ship or Rush Shipping Charge. There are a limited amount of covers that we can do this for as if everybody orders Quick Ship then it defeats the purpose of this program. Quick Ship is  the cover will be ready to ship in 10-12 Business Days following the first business day of your order. A business day is Monday-Friday not including holidays. The charge for this is $39.99. The Quick Ship isn't a guaranteed program and if we miss it by an mile we will refund this part of the purchase.

3. What does Awaiting Fulfillment Mean ?

When you order your cover and your purchase has gone through you will receive a message saying that " Your Cover is awaiting fulfillment"

This means that the order has been received and is in the production lineup. This message will not change until the cover is made and ready to ship out which normally happens the same day that it is made. Do not panic if this hasn't changed yet.

4. What is "C" Measurement

The corner radius of the cover is "C" measurment. If you have a carpenters square it is easy to measure. We also have a blog which shows you how to measure this.

5. What is the best way to contact you ?

The best way to contact us is by email. We normally answer emails much faster than voicemail and it allows you and us to have a paper trail of conversations. We receive 100's of phone calls daily and and emails so please be patient and have your order # in the email


We started looking for a replacement cover and our local Hot Springs dealer quoted a price of over $800. So I researched on line and I found Northern Hot Tub Covers. I spoke with David and he was very helpful in answering our questions so I decided to move forward with my purchase. The result was a cover that looks and fits great. It is better quality than the factory cover for about $400 less. We're happy customers. It was a pleasure to do business with David and his team. Thanks for the great product and service!

By Max Emmighausen, Big White & NH USA


How much easier can it be ? I travel lots and never have time to go to my local dealer. A friend told me about you guys and what a easy transaction! Ordered from the comfort of my home computer, quick response from you guys on the measurements, secure, fast payment, promised delivery and quality product. Thanks for the worry free sale!

By Jean Paul, Quebec

Looks Great & Fits Perfect!

Thank You David! I received my new Hot Tub Cover yesterday and it looks great and fits perfect. Thank you also for the advice on adding on the reflective liner and the new cover lifter was easy to install just like you told me. I will tell anyone that needs a cover!

By Gerry Reilly, Burlington, Ontario


I'm impressed with the services offered by Northern Hot Tub Covers. I was a little reluctant to order online but they responded to my questions by email and assured me total satisfaction which is exactly what I got. My cover was delivered to my home in less than 2 weeks. The quality of the product is much better than the original cover I had. Thank you so much!

By Nicole Gagnier, Sudbury, Ontario

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All Northern Hot Tub Covers come with our 5 years no-nonsense warranty* backed by over 30 years of experience... See what people are saying ...Check out our reviews!